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  • Bai Ming, is a famous contemporary ceramic artist and painter born in September 1965 in Yugan, Jiangxi Province of China.
    •Director of the Department of Ceramic Art in the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University.
    •Executive Vice Director of the Art Museum in the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University 
    •Member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) of UNESCO.
    •Secretary-General of the Ceramic Art Council of China Artists Association (CAA).
    •Deputy Director of Ceramic Art Institute,China National Academy of Painting.
    •Member of China Oil Painting Society (COPS).
    •Art Director of China Ceramic Art Net (www.artcn.net.) 
    •Executive Editor of Chinese Ceramist magazine.
    •Director of “Shangyu Celadon”Contemporary International Ceramic Art Center.
    In 1998, the organizers of the Taipei International Art Fair held the joint exhibition of Bai Ming’s and Picasso’s ceramic works named“Vallauris in France & Jingdezhen in China”.
    •In 2000, he was honored with the gold prize of The Invitational Exhibition of China Young Ceramic Artists.
    •In 2004, he was awarded for Contribution to Promotion of the Contemporary Ceramic Art of China in the Great Hall of the People.
    •Also in 2004, the book Jingdezhen Traditional Ceramic-Making Techniques which written by Bai Ming received the National Book Award.
    In 2010, at the invitation of IAC, Chinese Cultural Center in Paris and Confucius Institute of Poitiers University, he held the “Oriental Ceramic Story—Bai Ming Ceramic Art Works Exhibition” curated by YIN Jinan in Paris. This exhibition was the only one that represented China in “Foreign Culture Week” held by Paris government that year.
    In 2013, the major exhibition “Bai Ming’s Metaphor—Mindfulness, Mystery ,Philosophy ”was held by Guangdong Art Museum to accompany the first international Asian Art Curator Forum . 
    September 2013, the solo exhibition “Dialogue of Civilizations” projected by Denis Laming, (the French Great Master of Architecture) was held in Gue-Pean Chateau During the "European Heritage Day".
    July 2014, the special exhibition“Bai Ming”holding in Museum Cernuschi was listed as a key project of “the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-France Diplomatic Relations” by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Chinese Ministry of Culture and Chinese Culture Center.
    July 2015,held the Asian Art Exhibition and the “Bai Ming” solo exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.
    Since 1996,17 solo exhibitions of Bai Ming have been held in China and overseas. In recent years,several exhibitions of Bai Ming that were held in France had a great international influence.  
    Bai Ming has published 14 books regarding his own personal work and collections. He also published 11 series of books for a total of 28 volumes.